Thursday, September 21, 2023

Glitch or fast intervention in US bond marketplace – Basic – Buying and selling Q&A through Zerodha


Realize particularly the USA 2 12 months bond yield spike, this transfer is captured in virtually all buying and selling internet sites and I’m studying that there would possibly had been a snappy intervention.

Sudden to look probably the most extraordinarily liquid markets appearing all these strikes.

Will this freak prime ranges come for actual? If sure markets will swing with volatility

I had some research of it

some one offered heavy amounts of two 12 months bonds making it illiquid resullting reducing costs and larger yealds. it had lasted kind of 4 hours and later what i speculate FED disaster control kicked in and acquired.

almost definitely this man is BOJ or chinese language central financial institution. and boy they’d deliberate that day there was once 4 expiries in USA choices.


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